————— “YES :)” —————


Yes, my pictures and videos are 100% real and recent. These are all taken during my vacation on August 2019, and I also launched this website right after that. There are no Photoshop work or any adjustment made only except blurring part of my face for my privacy. I assure you that the person whom you will meet is the person you see on this website.


Yes, Confidentiality and privacy are my utmost priority. Discretion will never be compromised. I am a professional in the city myself and my desire for discretion and privacy is mutual. I take the utmost care when handling sensitive information of any kind and always respect your privacy. That is how I maintain all the politicians, celebrities, high profile businessman and VIPs from all around the world as my clients. When you reach the reputation that I have reached it is because the men I have met have trusted me completely.


Yes, I receive an extremely high volume of interest. For that reason I only communicate via email and not using any other chatting apps, phone calls nor social media. In order to ensure I can see you, please include your booking information up front by email.

Q: KOREAN and fluent english?

Yes, I was born in Korea and I am 100% Korean by blood. But my English is very fluent because I have lived abroad for a very long time and been traveled all over the world extensively. I would say I am a global minded K-girl and you will notice our conversation will flow naturally when you talk to me as I lived in your culture for a long time. In fact, I am more comfortable and feel connected with someone who has a English as their mother tongue than Korean.


Yes, I prefer at least 24 hours notice for existing clients and at least 3 days notice for new clients. I often have set my schedule at least a week in advance and start booking tours two months in advance. But there is no harm to ask me if you want to book me last minute spontaneously even though I can not guarantee to meet you with short notice. If it is meant to be, and we both are lucky, it could happen. So please don’t hesitant to contact me.



Yes, If you want to lock the appointment for sure, you can pay the 30 percent of the payment in advance. Some people pay 100% advanced payment to secure and don’t like to deal with carrying cash with them. If then, I can send some of my videos personally as my appreciation to trust me.


Yes, female clients, duo, couples and seeing more clients at the same time are welcomed. Please refer to my rates for the additional person.

————— “NO :(” —————

Q: No reply?

If you have not heard from me, you may have sent an incomplete form or your request did not appear serious enough for me to respond. Or the answer to your questions are already written in this website. I have to admit that I am spoiled by many nice gentlemen woo me with so much of their effort. Please note that I have no reason to be desperate to earn your interest nor convince you. I only reply to sincere and respectful emails which give me a good first impression of yours.


No, I don’t believe that we can get to know each other via exchanging lengthy emails. I strongly believe that the only way to get to know each other is meeting in person. I also don’t do pre -meeting as I am a very busy woman and do not have time for “off the clock” encounters. My rate is for my time.


No, my rates are non-negotiable. I don’t honor discount or previous rate to my loyal and repeat clients either unfortunately. Attempting to negotiate my rates will result in a cease of communication. If my rates do not fall within your means I would encourage you to find someone with whom your rates and your budget align.


No, Due to my privacy and safety reason, I can only share my blurred face pictures and videos. But I am sure that you can get the feel that I have a very pretty face as much as my sexy body.


No, I don’t meet clients in the public setting when we first meet. I only meet clients in the private room setting first to greet properly and take care of the donation part first to make us comfortable. Then we can go out anywhere we want.


No, I only practice safe play. I take all necessary precautions to stay healthy and clean.

————— “WHY ?!” —————


I am a committed to being the best at what I do. I balance my career and escort life with equal dedication and vigor. I pour my heart and soul into you when I meet you. Because I love to get to know you in the deepest level and the widest range. I really enjoy what I do.

I am one of a kind. No escort in the world will be like me. I am wired to be passionate, intimate and personable. I am very proud that I have so much to offer and you can’t get anything like this from anybody else. I will share everything about me and I will remember everything about you!

Once you meet me, you will realize what I am talking about! And it will be hard for you to not think about me again and again. You will realize your dream girl do exist in this world. It will be an amazing experience for both of us! Because you know what? I am eagle to get to know you and fall in love with you!!